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Trading CFDs involves a significant risk of loss that may not be suitable for all investors. Please ensure you fully understand the risks and take appropriate care to manage your exposure.

6 Weird Investments That Pay Off

From a report released by the Bloomberg Markets magazine, most high profit making investment ideas are strange and not the regular ideas that have been going round. This article will highlight seven of those weird investments.

Racecar: Grand Prix

Classic vehicles have a reputation for being huge earners for those interested in investments. It’s estimated that within a three-year period, there is a potential return of 21%. Among the greatest earnings recorded was from the year 1954, for the Mercedes-Benz W196 that participated in the Grand Prix race. It fetched a whopping $29.5 million during a British car auction to a private unidentified buyer. The formula one driver, Juan Manuel, later used this vehicle. Another classic car that has gained highly is the Ferrari, this is especially so in the 1960's. In 1967, for instance, the Ferrari GTB NART Spyder was sold for about $27.5 million thus gaining quite huge profits.

Contemporary Art

Contemporary art has been a great investment opportunity over the years. Among the great artists whose works have collected a great amount of profit includes Marcel Duchamp, who is a renowned French-American artist. He earned a year return of 465% through his artwork. Another artist is the Indian painter Vasudeo S. Gaitonde whose paintings gained an annual return of 198.1%. One of his paintings was sold for $3.8 million during an art auction in Mumbai. Well, it may sound weird, but this investment actually pays off.

Rare Coins

Rare coins have managed to gain an average annual gain of about 10.1%. At one time in 1559, a British coin gained an annual return of 27.3% and others within the dame year gained 20% that year. When you hop into this business, you are assured great returns.

Some Agricultural Commodities

  • Lean Hogs
One of the major sources of pork in the United States is lean hogs. Thus, it presents a great agricultural investment commodity. In one particular year, the lean hogs gained an annual profit of 56.3%.
  • Soybean Meal
The next best investment idea based on agriculture is soybeans which in a good year can gain returns of up to 18.5% beating rice and cattle investments among others.
  • Renting a Cow
Another incredible investment idea is the leasing of cows. Here, you’re able to gain profits from the sale of milk and cheese. The factors to put into consideration are the cost of insurance and interest rates.

Self-Storage Units

They are most successful for real estate investment trust where they gain annual profits of about 16%. The best-performing companies in this category include Space Storage Inc. and Sovran Self Storage.


  •   Vintage Stamps
Vintage stamps have the potential to generate an annual profit of about 2.6% and a three-year profit of about 5.4%.
  • Collectible Comic Books
These books can earn you great profits keeping in mind that you bought them quite cheaply. An example is the 1960 issue of Amazing Fantasy where it unveiled Spiderman. This comic is now worth about $280,000. In conclusion, the above 6 weird ways actually form sound investment options.

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