How You Can Invest with Just $100

100 USD may seem like a small amount to invest in.

However, in the world of business and investments, every dollar counts. If you start an investment with $100, you are better off than a person who has $100, 000 that’s just laying somewhere or being squandered elsewhere.

The only hurdle that you have to jump in investing your $100 is starting. Starting is the most difficult part, hence when you accomplish it, the rest of the journey becomes relatively smooth.

Admittedly, it’s not easy to find an investment worth $100 owing to the many inputs required in investments.

However, we’ve considered some areas that have been endorsed by financial advisors in which your 100 USD will be sufficient.

Opening a Savings Account

This is a viable, easy and common way of investing. It’s one of the safest ways of investing your money. However, many circles consider it as boring. Even so, you benefit from the interest that your $100 earns.

Your best bet is on picking a savings account that yields a high interest. It’s advised that you continue adding to your savings account until there’s a substantial amount in it that can constitute as an emergency fund.

Afterward, you can consider going into more risky investments.

Utilize Robo-Advisors

Since you have a limited amount of capital that cannot afford you a financial advisor, robo-advisors are your best pick.

They simply ask you a set of questions that are aimed at knowing your financial preferences and your tolerance to risk. After that, they automatically invest your money in investments that are suitable.

Betterment is a popular robo-advisor in which you can get started with just 100 USD.

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Flip Items

Flipping items can be a viable investment. In fact, many people flip items as a side business. Though it won’t get you rich, you stand to benefit from the supplementary income that it brings.

The secret to success with flipping items is sourcing the items at low prices and then reselling them at a profit. Watch out for yard sales, boot sales, and garage sales as they have items that are cheaply priced.

Acquire what $100 can get you and flip the items on online sites such as Craiglist, eBay or even on Facebook groups. Ensure that you resell at a good profit for you to remain in business.

Peer Lending

People can actually make money out of lending others their money. You can start by lending your peers under clearly defined terms and make a profit.

You can also join a peer lending service such as lending club; where you get connected to a worldwide network of borrowers and lenders. With lending club, you can start with as low as $25 so if you have $100 you are better placed to benefit.

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At present, there’s no minimum amount on opened accounts. Therefore, for a start, you can invest your $100 and earn some good returns as you learn the workings of the investment world.

Invest in your Business

This is for those who’ve started their own businesses. Why not invest the $100 into your business? It would be much beneficial if you did as it would be a plus for both you and your business.

You can upgrade one of your business assets or acquire another asset that would increase your business processes and overall efficiency.

The result will be a smooth running business and an increase in profits for your business. Charity starts at home. So before you think of investing in other people’s businesses, start with your own.


When you invest in stocks, you essentially become an owner of the company that owns the stock. Depending on the type of stock, you can get voting rights on certain aspects of the company and preference when earnings are being paid out. With stocks, the earnings that you’re entitled to are called dividends.


Investing in bonds basically means that you’ve lent your money to an entity. The entity will pay you back the principal amount plus interest. The returns are guaranteed hence it’s considered a safe investment.

Mutual Funds and Exchange Traded Funds

Mutual funds are simply assets that consist of both stocks and/or bonds. This means that if you invest in a mutual fund or ETF, you own a part of all the constituting stocks and bonds in it. It’s a more diversified form of investment, hence has less risk.

In conclusion, the above-considered avenues are ways in which you can invest your $100. You can consider them after assessing your personal preferences and tolerance to risk.